09 Sep

[SFM] SA1 Scene Recreation: Welcome to Station Square

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Special Thanks to Katya Richardson, Tristen Hinickie, Hypo (Inspiration), Apochedgie, Sonic Team, and my fellow filmmakers/ animators.

Well this was incredibly fun to work on indeed after watching the two recreations made by Hypo. There had to be way to top it, and give more backstory for Shadow Fall.

Lets take a journey back to 1998, a time when one of the most beloved Sonic games was released on the Sega Dreamcast in 3D for the first time. It was met with great praise from critics and fans alike and gained a legendary status in the franchise. However it had aged poorly graphically throughout the years. I wanted to do something the fans have been asking to see an HD version that was done with new 3D graphics and VFX; something that was not technologically available at the time of its original release. Everything you see here was all scene built, animated, and hand lit by me, it was my first solo recreation alone .

[DEVELOPMENT] In developing this short little film recreating the first three cutscenes in Sonic’s story, I wanted to do a combination of both old and new when it came down to visuals and sounds to get the scenes to near perfection. I gained a lot of inspiration from Hypo and took up learning blocking methods and puppeteering to get the same kind of quality. It had to be both familiar and refreshing at the same time which really pushed some limits both for me and my composer. With that, meant having to clean the sound up for HQ format (and getting rid of some for realism), keeping a lot of the same frames but with adjusted cinematography and creating new shots, creating new Foley, and scoring new original music while mixing classic with modern. IT IS NOT PERFECT, as I did run into some issues animating in Source which are present such as several lights refusing to rotate on a locked axis so they look multicolored and Chaos not having a bone hierarchy for a proper rig, so I had to get creative. Creating a lot of the custom models was very difficult in Blender, but it was all worth it in the end. Please enjoy the short film!

-I understand that I used Craig’s voices for Foley and Ryan’s for the actual dialogue. I didn’t have time to go file searching over 400 lines or get together a cast.
-Everything was a scene build
-Many animations were blocked and keyed by looking at gameplay footage(I’m so happy on how it turned out!)
-I realize that Chaos has a brain, but unfortunately due to technical limitations, I had to either choose to show it and risk the model looking too invisible/abstract or make Chaos look like moving water similar to his generation look. Although I think I might do a little trial and error for the next one đŸ˜‰
-I will NOT release any of the assets used here (it would’t be special if everyone used it).

(*There are some obvious and not so obvious references to other Sonic works and Sega, can you spot them all?*)

Music Composed by Katya Richardson:

“Open Your Heart 16 Bit” by Auxpert

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