08 Sep

MEGA HUGE SPOON PETS SURPRISE EGG TOYS Cute Kitty Cat Toy Pet Hamster & Tower with Slide Unboxing

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Hi friends! Today was so cool opening a huge egg surprise filled with Spoon Pets toy surprises and playing with all the cute kitty cat, puppy doggy and toy pet hamster surprise toys. This is the World’s Biggest Surprise Egg of Spoon Pets that we know of and had a nice tower with a slide, cafe and ice cream shop found inside! The little girl Hailey also opens Shopkins blind bags and a Kinder Surprise egg and finally finds the Petkins Earring Twins she’s been trying to find. The toy Spoon Pets are so adorable and cute for children to play with without the mess of a real hamster, puppy doggy or kitty cat.

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You can find these fun toys on Amazon or Toys R Us in Japan.

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We hope to make you laugh, bring you joy, and ultimately make you smile one toy at a time!

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