29 Apr


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emphasis on ‘tries’
alternate title: bap roasts each other for 2 minutes straight

i asked u guys on tumblr what vid u wanted next,,,,,and this was it,,,,,hope u dont regret ur decision

i got no words for this. it’s 2:30 am and honestly ?? im over editing it so im just releasing it into the technosphere (the jongup thing took 2 long fuckign editing it kdjf d)

srry if this isn’t funny im stressed y’all cause of college decision date. im not even human at this point im a sentient being of anxiety pray 4 me

‘i swear i love daehyun’ i say, as i continue to make more and more jokes at his expense

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Rating: , Duration: 2 м 5 c , Author: im in it for the memes, Likes: 846, Dislikes: 1

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