19 Oct

How to make Electromagnetic Crane | Science Projects | Butterfly Fields

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Electromagnetic crane is one of the favorite science projects for children. There are many ways to build this model, here we are showing a model which can move in a circular fashion once it is made. Once the model is made it can be tested by changing different parameters like number of turns in the coil, variation in voltage ( more batteries or eliminator can be used). Check for the magnetic field being created near the coil using a compass.
It is a recommended project for grade 7 students for understanding Effects of electric current.

List of Materials:
1. 3″ X 5″ Flute board
2. 4 Black plastic wheels
3. 5 inch Metal rod to fit in the plastic wheels
4. 3 inch dia Rubber Foam circle
5. Two 1.5 volt batteries
6. Copper Wire winding
7. Electrical case for copper winding
8. 1 Metal hook
9. 2 Plastic straws
10. 4 Metal clips
11. 3 inch circular double sided tape.

For more detailed write up please write to
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Will send the Entire booklet with materials & questions.

The Crane-ial genius!

An important utility that the layman underrates, in spite of its ingenious applicability to modern civilization is the indispensable electromagnetic crane! With the simple concept of electromagnetism, this humongous vehicle can carry loads even much heavier than itself! We present to you a much smaller electromagnetic crane – similar in locomotion and applicability – that you can create yourself with the help of our Effects of Electric Current kit! This kit helps develop an appreciation of the science around you, along with reinforcing our major motto – developing a
positive attitude towards education. How is an electromagnetic crane developed? This science project explains exactly that!
Firstly, we explain the magnetic effects of electric current by producing electromagnetic force, then we apply this concept in real life by creating our very own battery-operated movable mini electromagnetic crane! Next, we teach the increase and decrease the electromagnetic strength by using its dependence on number of turns, batteries and materials used as the core. Last but not the least, as a bonus, understand how electricity can even be used to produce heat! Create a Nichrome-wire based circuit to implement the heating effects of current! With this magnetic kit, allow your child to explore and navigate through the wonderful world of electromagnetism – thus embracing a higher order of critical thinking, whilst burgeoning their creativity and innovativeness !

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