16 Oct

Hilarious!! Crazy Ass Goat Terrorizes People in the streets! Real Life Mountain Dew attack Goat!

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Check the Geez Up Radio Mixtape for free at https://soundcloud.com/geezupradio/sets/geezup-radio-mixtape . This crazy goat is running up and attacking people in the streets. This is so funny. The killer goat is acting just like the ram in the Mountain Dew & Stride commercial with the deadly head butts!! People and vehicles get knocked to the ground by the deadly attack goat~!! https://soundcloud.com/geezupradio/sets/geezup-radio-mixtape .

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Rating: 4.02, Duration: 2:45 , Author: Andre BGK, Likes: 11718, Dislikes: 2848, source

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