16 Oct

[HD] Animals visit pet store ~ And buy Parrot Fodder – 14

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This is episode 14.
Miyazawa bought Pankun a new wallet made from leather because of previous disaster.
In this episode, Pan&James need to visit the nearest pet store to buy a package of parrot fodder for his parrot friend, this pet store also provide James’ food! Pankun need to remember the specified parrot logo in order to buy the correct product.

This time, Miyazawa allow Pankun to keep all the change to himself after he completed a mission and he can buy whatever he wants. And so, the first mission for the new wallet kick started right away.

They resisted all temptations and wait till after the mission completed so they could buy the foods with the mission reward 500 yen. James need not wait outside the shop because it is the pet store!

After playing around in the pets store, Pankun head over and start to choose which one parrot fodder to buy. He choose the correct product after carefully stared through and observed both package.

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Rating: 4.80, Duration: 11:22 , Author: Pan & James english subtitle, Likes: 679, Dislikes: 29, source

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