16 Oct

Spiritual Gifts: Astral Travel

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Excerpt from the DVD Spiritual Transformation: http://www.iitransform.com/dvds-by-tanis-helliwell/
Tanis Helliwell talks about how to create your Life with Spirit.
• Signs of Awakening
• Spiritual Transformation
• Spiritual Gifts
• Spiritual Intelligence (SQ)
• The Body Elemental
• Symptoms of Transformation
• Heart Opening
• Becoming a Conscious Creator
• A Vision: The Grid of Light
• The Future of Humanity and The Earth

Discover the Transform Your Self-1 self-study course: http://www.iitransform.com/85-2/transform-self/transform-your-self-1/

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Rating: 4.67, Duration: 2:5 , Author: Tanis Helliwell, Likes: 14, Dislikes: 1, source

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