16 Oct


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Part Pope – Part Machine – All Laser !

Laserpope is a small Indie-Project from the clerical abyss of german genre cinema. Please watch, njoy and share the living hell out of it.



Director | Lukas Rinker
DOP | Matthias Knebl
VFX Supervision | Henrik Gieselmann
Executive Producer | Svenja Büttner

Raúl Richter
Micaela Schäfer
Marzia Tedeschi
Peter Kotthaus
Jannik Görger
Anna Oussankina
Mika Metz
Nikolaj Grin
Cedric Samson
Fausto Israel
Carolin Freund
Antonio Caserta

Poster by Sam Todhunter | samtodhunterart.com

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Rating: 4.82, Duration: 4:1 , Author: Laser Pope, Likes: 1393, Dislikes: 51, source

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