16 Oct

How To Charge and Install a Capacitor | Car Audio Q&A

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How to charge, how to install, and how to use a Car Audio Capacitor. In this video Allyn and Brendan go over everything you need to know about capacitors.

Many don’t realize that your capacitor can be damaged if connected directly to the car’s bettery. Thats what the charging tool is for, it allows the capacitor to slowly charge from zero volts up to match the battery’s voltage.

Most of you should know how to install and wire an amplifier, but what about when you add a capacitor into the mix…? In this video we also go over how you connect the power and ground wires from the battery to the capacitor and to your amp.

Finally, one of the little-known uses for capacitors, noise filtering. Capacitors naturally absorb AC noise, so if your car stereo has engine noise that you just can’t seem to get rid of after hours of troubleshooting, adding a cap might just solve your problem.

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