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ESPN SportsCenter’s Not Top Ten – 10-07-16

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ESPN SportsCenter’s Not Top Ten for October 07, 2016
10. The Clippers Jamal Crawford loses his shoe, Blake Griffin tosses it back to him, hitting Raptor Cory Joseph in the face.
09. Yoenis C├ęspedes hits a pop up and manages to thread the needle and bounce it off first base.
08. At the Ryder Cup, Brooks Koepka hits the ball and it lands in a fan’s back pack.
07. Indian’s pitcher Cody Allen throws a really bad pitch, yet somehow Royals’ Drew Butera swings.
06. Brooklyn Net Jeremy Lin comes up WAY short on the finger roll lay up.
05. I don’t understand who this doesn’t happen way more in soccer. I’d run up and challenge the keep every time!
04. Browns running back Duke Johnson fumbled the ball, recovers his own fumble, then the refs say it’s Redskin’s ball.
03. Stephen Drew and Danny Espinosa of the Washington Nationals get caught up on each other and no can make the pop fly catch.
02. Alabama’s Tony Brown is in perfect placement to down the ball inside the five, but it goes through his legs into the endzone.
01. Tennessee receiver Jalen Hurd doesn’t tuck the ball in after the catch in stride and fumbles the ball instead of scoring a touchdown.
COMMUNITY WORST OF THE WORST: South Carolina State returner Ahmaad Harris forgets to kneel and tosses the ball to the ref. He realizes too late that was actually a live ball.

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