16 Oct

Creating Animations in Xara Designer

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Creating Animations in Xara Designer is the XaraXone.com Video Tutorial for February 2012. This month,Gary Bouton shows you how to animate a bouncing ball, with shapes, fills, and motions that are acceptable for a Shockwave File, also known as a Flash animation.

He’ll also show how you can export your animation with transparency so that it can be compostited in video editing and special effects software.

Be sure to visit the video’s page, http://www.xaraxone.com/tutorials/february-2012-video-tutorial/ ‎to download the resource files needed to follow along with this tutorial. You’ll also find additional information about the Xara Designer features you can use when creating animations on your own.

The Xara Xone (http://www.xaraxone.com) is the definitive site for information, guides, and support for Xara Designer 7, and previous versions of The World’s Fastest Drawing Program! Dig into discussions, content such as textures, brushes, and typefaces, and hone your skills through examples. Here, you’ll find fresh new tutorials every month, plus a monumental backlog of examples representing over 15 years of community support.

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