15 Oct

Animation Tutorial – How to Animate Pose to Pose

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For Hardcore Traditional animators http://bit.ly/1KYS1wq

A.M.B Animation Academy presents ‘pose to pose animation’ How to draw and animate keyframes and breakdown frames.

This traditional animation tutorial covers a question that I have received a countless number of times ‘how to’ do pose to pose animation or ‘how do I’ animate breakdown frames.
Like all successful processes good character animation requires a well thought out or constructive plan that will foresee any possible problems or challenges that lie ahead.
Drawing thumbnails is vital to the animation process as it lays out a definite path for the scene to progress. Many animators either rush through or skip this process entirely and unfortunately come across many errors and problems that often result in frustration and depression that results in quitting the task. They then beat themselves up under the illusion that they simply ‘don’t have it’ when it comes to animation.
The video tutorial above demonstrates just how simple a task animating a scene can be if it has been carefully planned at the thumbnail stage.
The thumbnail process defines extreme poses and then assesses the challenges involved in getting from one pose to another. Further thumbnails are drawn and defined as ‘key poses’ then any further challenges can be taken into account and suggested as possible ‘breakdown’ frames. Just by taking in the typed outline above we can see that this defines a ‘pose to pose’ process thus defines pose to pose animation. The process of getting from one pose to another!
Do your self a favour plan out your poses before you start to animate – animation is a lot simpler than you think it is 🙂

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