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Travel Tips for International Flights

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More air travel tips & an international flight packing list: http://bit.ly/1p4inVz

Travel Tips for International Flights

Long-haul flights are a test of endurance. It’s not about enjoying yourself – it’s about surviving. Her are our best travel tips for getting through an international flight.

* Exercise the day of your flight. It’ll tire you out and help you sleep on the plane.

* Shower before you leave. You’ll be able to go shoeless on the plane without offending your neighbors.

* Wear slip-on shoes, wool socks, a hoodie (or something more refined but still comfy).

* Pack an eye mask and ear plugs.

* Don’t forget about entertainment – load it up in advance. Don’t rely on airplane wifi.

* Bring a pen. You’ll need it for customs forms.

* Keep toiletries in reach on your flight. You’ll be able to freshen up in the airplane bathroom. How to pack toiletries: http://bit.ly/1QXvd4f

* Bring an empty water bottle and get it filled up. Plane cabins are dry, so make sure you stay hydrated.

* Bring your own food. DIY airplane snacks: http://bit.ly/21JEQsp

More travel & packing tips: http://bit.ly/packsmith

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