07 Sep

How to Start a Presentation Using an Attention Grabbing Question or Statement

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http://presentationexpressions.com This week, we’re going to show you a couple of English presentation expressions you can use to begin a presentation and get the audience’s attention. What you’ll learn is how to use a simple question or statement that’ll quickly engage your audience.

Why a question or statement?
A good question or statement at the start of your presentation can quickly get the audience’s attention and keep it throughout your presentation…

Like a good suspense or mystery
Suspense or mystery writers always put questions into the viewer or reader’s mind… Who did it? How’s it going to end? And so on and so on.

The key is that the audience is interested in the process and the outcome of the story. You can do the same thing in a presentation by giving the questions to the audience.

Carl Kwan
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