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This video was uploaded on 11/9/2016 @ 9:48am


Firstly, I want to apologise for the light and sound quality of this video. I’m not sure what happened during the edit process but it’s the best I could do after trying to fix it for several days.
Originally, I shot this video on a Wednesday – it should of been edited and uploaded on the Wednesday as well but due to the issues I had – I finally managed to upload it.
Thanks for watching. 🙂

This video was shot using a Canon 80D w/ 18-55m lens

Any additional footage shown in this video was shot using a Canon Power Shot SX710 HS

All edits/cutaways/ Sound FX/ titles made using IMOVIE and FINAL CUT PRO X. (Full Version FINAL CUT PRO X purchased direct from ITUNES STORE AUSTRALIA)

Music Used: – (Artist Credited)

(Nicolai Heidlas – Colourful Spots)

Colourful Spots SUPER EXTENDED – Nicolai Heidlas – Happy Ukulele Backing Track

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