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Here’s our compilation of the best videos of awesome people for the first week of July 2016! It features parkour, martial arts, golf trick shots, fitness and of course we had to include an epic bottle flip! Thanks to everyone who submitted People are Awesome videos this week!

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People are Awesome Best of the Month June 2016

People are Awesome American Sports Edition (Basketball Trick Shots)


Title: Melano – Don’t Fight It
iTunes Download Link: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/dont-fight-it-single/id1111229432
Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0sjMWkk13F7C7pSRToKQfz
Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMIKJH1GkF8

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Original Videos:

0:00 – Acrobat Tricks Through Hula Hoop

0:06 – Freerunner Flips Over Skateboarder

0:11 – Golfer Hops Trick Shot Over Shoulder

Let ya shoulder lean #Golf #GolfTrickshots

A post shared by Michael Bryan Ortt (@270mo) on

0:17 – Yoga to Ring Tricks

Big thanks for all the nice comments on my last video 💕 I wonder which country you are from? Did some yoga today ☺️ sunday is always funday ✌🏻️ #lovewhatyoudo #normalisboring —//—–//—-//——–//—–//—-//—- @naprapatlabbet.roller.se #beasgoodasyoucanbe #merrell_shoes #merrellninja @merrellsweden @goforlife_se #clifbarsweden#feedyouradventure @clifbarcompany #areyounoccoenough#pegboard#purepharma#progressive_calisthenics#tyngre#workout_professionals #barstarzz#madbarz#deporlovers#fitnessfreak#igfitness#fitmotivation#fitnessjourney#fitnesslife##AdventureStartsHere#strongpeople#menshealthmag#fitnessforall#trainhardclimbhard#toughest#itsokaytoplaydirty#muscleup

A post shared by 🔹Workout🔹Ninja🔹Climbing🔹OCR (@fanny_josefine) on

0:28 – Trick Biker Hops Over Fountain

0:38 – Gymnast Does Backflip off Bar
0:41 – Incredible Ladder Act

0:56 – Weapons Demonstration

1:13 – Double Backflip off Bars
1:21 – Guy Leaps Across Obstacle Course

From one end to the other in the gym #onlyrunsunder15sec #instasnack #snackmachine

A post shared by Endijs Miscenko (@movemendijs) on

1:30 – Ninja Mom Shows of Taekwondo Skills
1:35 – Bottle Flip on a Surf Board

THE GAME IS OVERRRRrR #willgriggsfireeee💥💥💥💥💥 #bottleflip

A post shared by Ned Lindsay (@lindswaggle) on

1:41 – Weighted Window Wiper Workout

1:52 – Barbell and Handstand Tricks
1:58 – Man Does Impressive Bar Exercise
2:09 – Parkour Tricks Through City

2:14 – Summer of Jumps

2:22 – Extreme Pyramid Push Up

2:37 – Acrobatic Duo Perform Synchronized Routine

2:48 – Trampoline Basketball Trick Shot
2:51 – YoYo Master Performs Combi
3:01 – Athlete Jumps out of Pool

3:07 – Guy Sticks Landing on Wall

3:10 – Breakdancer Incorporates Ladder in Routine
3:18 – Freestyle Freeline Skating

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