Sardonyx! (Steven Universe) | Speedpaint #6

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I love Sardonyx lol. So for all of you out there that click on my speedpaint videos… take this one as a reward!
This video is dedicated to everyone supporting my speedpaint/gaming videos!
Also comment down below for suggestions for the next speedpaint.

I’ll keep working on the animation, I do these speedpaints as a way to relax ♥

Deviantart Link:
Programm: Paintool SAI
Tablet: Wacom Intuos pro
Time Taken: 3:31 hrs.

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Songs used:

Teaser Trailer Song:

1- Sardonyx Remix extended:

2- Something Entirely New VGR Remix:

3- Love Like You VGR Remix:

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All fanmail will be opened and probably will appear in a video
Thanks for watching and reading! ♥

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