12 Sep

2014 Cadillac ELR Electric Luxury Automobile Test Drive & Review

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[3/17/16] Ever since we purchased our Chevy Volt (sister car to this one) it has been nothing but trouble. I plan to do a follow-up review soon. The charge door mechanism is electronic on the 2012/2013 model Chevy Volt and broken 3 times in the first year of ownership and 3 more times over the last 2 years. Both Chevy (GM) and the dealership I purchased the car from admit the charge door assembly is defective and all they can do is keep replacing it until the warranty expires because GM isn’t going to fix the part for the older cars and only fixed it on the 2014+ models by removing the electronic components and making it a manual door. If you own a Chevy Volt and experience this same problem please contact me at [email protected] immediately and let me know about your experience. Also if you own any other Chevy vehicle like this Cadillac ELR and have experienced problems please contact me and tell me about them.

Page One Auto and GM loaned me a Cadillac ELR to conduct my very first nerdy car review! I really was sad when they took the car back because I fell in love with it. I can’t wait to review my next car!

This was my first car review and I learned a lot. Unfortunately audio issues and some other technical issues rendered a lot of the DirtFish footage unusable but I’m still happy with how the review turned out and hope you enjoyed it! Can’t wait to do my next review!

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2014 Cadillac ELR Base Price : $75,000
162 Kilowatts (Approximately 217 HP)
295 lb. -ft Torque
27 Miles Electric
340 Miles Combined Range
82 MPG (EPA Estimated Combined)
9.3 Gallon Fuel Tank
Interior (Leather, Carbon Fiber, Wood, etc)
Cadillac CUE w/ Navigation

Aerial images provided by Volair​
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