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learn Construction Vehicles | Street Vehicles | Trucks And Heavy Vehicles For Kids

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For all the little builders and construction car lovers Kids Channel brings to you a compilation of the most common construction vehicles. Designed to entertain and educate kids, this video in story book form not only shows the different construction/heavy vehicles but also their various uses.

00:01 – Construction Vehicles

04:51 – Five Little Ducks

06:26 – Police Car Formation

07:50 – Police Car Chase

12:07 – Five Little Skeletons

14:06 – Five Little Ducks

15:39 – Police Car Garage

18:57 – Five Little Monkeys

20:30 – Monster Truck Destruction

22:45 – Five Little Babies

24:53 – Police Car For Kids

27:33 – Five Little Oranges

28:58 – Police Car For Children

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Video: Copyright USP Studios™

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